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Since Sean learned to walk, we have become playground connoisseurs. Sean, in particular, is always eager to explore a new playground. Here we are at Austin’s Zilker Park, one of its best-known. There’s a big fire engine to climb on, which delighted Sean, as well as the standard playground equipment.

Slides are always a hit, and Sean is now really likes tube slides even though he found them scary not too long ago.

Of course, Sean doesn’t always play with the equipment in a way we like…

Did I mention Sean likes slides? Here he is going down one at our nearby Doss Playground. Getting seated at the top of a slide is actually quite a skill. There’s often not much to hold on to to help you sit down and then you’ve got to get your feet out in front. So you can’t sit down too close to the slide, or else you have no room to maneuver your legs. But not to far away, either, because you still have to scoot yourself over to the slide after you sit down. Who knew it was so complex? Sean had trouble at first (months ago), but now he’s mastered all the steps.





(You’ll notice that he’s also learned to use his feet to control his descent down the slide. Another skill learned by trial and error (and flipping painfully upside down and sideways on the early descents).

Did I mention that he doesn’t always use the equipment the way we like? This is another slide at Doss.

 And down!

And a video:

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