Walking at the Park

03.16.11 | 1 Comment

So there’s a tricky medium: I have to take enough pictures so that I get some good ones without squints and blurs and weird mid-flight poses. But I have to take few enough pictures that I can sort through them in a reasonable amount of time. This time I erred on the too-many side of things, and it’s taken a while to get photos up. (Sorry.)

But, you’ve been waiting patiently. Here are some cute Sean pictures. They’re from about a month ago. More to come.

Best beginner jungle-gym ever: a bike rack

Walking with Daddy

Oh, hi!

A plane! (Sean’s his grandfather’s grandchild. He stops and points out all planes, even when he’s indoors and can only hear them.)


Slide! (Sean has become a master slider since this photo. He no longer needs help.)

Walking along

Checking out a wall

Tasting the park’s delicacies

Hanging out with Mommy

Looking around

Clapping “yay!”

“What’s that?”


Let’s go over here!

Daddy’s glasses

Hey, a bird!

And away it flew

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