New. New. New!

11.08.10 | 4 Comments

Ah! My camera can’t keep up! Within the past two weeks Sean has for the first time:

  • Put together the sequence of moves to go from lying to standing
  • Pulled up on everything possible in our apartment
  • Stood on his own for a couple seconds
  • Figured out how to crawl without falling down onto his stomach
  • Moved away from us to go play with something out-of-reach
  • Climbed up stairs
  • Slept for over an hour at daycare
  • Gotten a 7th tooth
  • Waved bye-bye
  • Started saying sounds that clearly refer to objects: mama, dada; dog, duck, deer (Yeah, those all sound like “daw!” But it’s clear what he’s referring to.) And baby
  • Hand-signing “all done” when he’s finished with something and wants to do something else
  • Gone down for naps gently, awake, without rocking, and even eagerly at times
  • Given clearly intentional hugs

I’m probably forgetting something. It’s been fun! (Though I’m not a fan of Daylight Savings throwing a wrench into our Paradise of Good Sleep.)



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