Food of the Adult Variety

08.11.10 | Comment?

We started feeding Sean solid foods a few weeks ago. He’d been grabbing at our food for several weeks and staring at us intently while we ate for a couple months. I occasionally gave him a whole carrot or bit lettuce leaf or green bean to gnaw on, so he could start getting a taste for non-mom-milk food.

We started with banana, which he seemed to like when I gave him a big chunk of it once a while ago. I mean, who doesn’t like banana? I gave him a chunk and he managed to gnaw off a bit and swallow some, before, well:

It was a particularly messy and ineffective way to eat, so we got Sean a little bowl and spoon and mashed up his banana for him. Dipped the spoon in and brought it toward Sean’s mouth and — he grabbed the spoon and immediately put the correct end in his mouth himself. He’d clearly been studying us. He needed some assistance getting the spoon *out* — I guess it’s not intuitive to let go of the spoon once it’s in your mouth. But I was amazed at his eating skill right from the start.

Sean loves to eat. He has always enjoyed his mom-milk thoroughly, and this appears to be just as true for solid foods. He gets excited when we put him in his little chair and grabs for the bowl and spoon as soon as he sees them. The first time we let him eat as much as he wanted was funny; he ate and ate and ate and then got this confused look on his face. He seemed to want more, but then didn’t. He squirmed. He made some noise. I realized that this was probably the first time he’d experienced the sensation of ‘full.’ He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

Bowl practice

Spoon practice

Mmmm... Avacado

Sweet potato

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