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Sorry for the recent pause in blogging. Things have been a bit hectic here. Two weekends ago we did, in fact, do some professional photos with a friend of mine. Just got the photos this week and they are splendid. We had a very nice Mothers Day, with Sean gifting me a lovely night’s sleep and Ben cooking me a special breakfast and a special dinner.

Then on the Monday after Mothers Day Sean came down with a nasty stomach bug, with fever and throwing up and diarrhea — the whole nine yards. The little guy braved it well, though he was clearly perplexed about why he felt so terrible. The illness was rough on the parents, too. I had to breastfeed him only a little bit at a time so he wouldn’t throw up and become (more) dehydrated. So every half-hour that he was awake, I’d put him on the breast for about a minute or two and then pull him off to screaming protest. I was in tears; Ben would try to soothe the screaming boy for a half-hour until the next mini-feeding. Eventually he’d fall asleep for a couple hours. Repeat. It was rather awful.

Wednesday was the last day of serious illness and by Thursday we had some smiles and playfulness, though it was clear he was still rather tired. I thought, ‘whew! we’re through it,’ but what no one told me was that illnesses mess up everything. So his sleep schedule was all off and we literally couldn’t put him down in his crib without him screaming. Breastfeeding was all wonky; he was super hungry, but was fussy and flipped out if he came off the breast at all — ever. He started clamping down at the end of feeding, presumably so the nipple wouldn’t go away. So the next week or so was additionally exhausting trying to get the sleeping and feeding back to where they were pre-illness.

On top of the exhaustion and lack of sleep, Ben lost a precious lab day and I lost a field-season prep day caring for Sean when he was sick, so we’ve working to catch up on that front. And our two-day-a-week nanny’s last day is next week, so we’re working to find a replacement for her. Eek!

That’s what’s been up here. Needless to say, we haven’t taken much in the way of pictures or videos the past couple weeks. I’ll post some of the professional photos soon(ish) — maybe this weekend if I have a chance.

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